Clinical Nutrition

Why Do We Need Clinical Nutrition? 

What we put into our bodies matters. As the saying goes, "you are what you eat," and our goal at Andreano Chiropractic is to make patients as healthy as can be. Though it can be tempting to break the diet for a Big Mac at McDonalds (or my personal favorite, their breakfast burrito), we all know it isn't the best for the body and, therefore, not making the best you. The modern processing of food has stripped away a great deal of necessary nutrients that we need to live happy and healthy lives. 

A Common Example of Dietary Issue & How to Fix It 

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Wheat (a key component of the average diet) is stripped of its natural vitamins and bleached in order to keep its products on the shelves longer. Necessary bacteria needed to maintain a healthy microbiome in your digestive system is also stripped from wheat through it's modern processing, meaning that not only is the body not given the vitamins it needs to maintain itself in a healthy way, but it's not even given what's necessary to digest the vitamins that are there properly. That Krispy Kreme donut might look fresh and really good, but your stomach is going to think anything but that. 

Hope isn't lost though; through use of quality supplemental whole food nutrients, Dr. A can help you build a better diet and a better body. The solution to this issue with wheat is a multi-vitamin called Catalyn. With 12 natural ingredients cold pressed into a tiny Whole Foods supplement, Catalyn holds a variety of vitamins and the healthy bacteria needed to process food in the way the body needs to. 

How Dr. A Can Help

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There are a variety of similar issues in the modern American diet, but Dr. A provides specific recommendations on nutritious food choices to enhance our patient's return to optimal health. Many people don't know which foods and supplements are good for them, what would work for them specifically, or how many of them to take; the confusion on this matter is fair, it can certainly be tricky! Dr. A resolves this problem through his extensive knowledge on nutrition and treating capabilities, formulating the perfect, structured nutritional program for his patients.

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