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What is SP Complete? The Whole Foods Protein Supplement

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SP Complete is a nutrition and protein powder supplement that is produced by Standard Process. The nutrients, valuable proteins and amino acids condensed into this powder are extremely beneficial in efforts of cleansing the body and bettering health overall.

With 10 grams of protein per serving, SP Complete uses whey protein as the main source for this product’s protein, but other protein sources include flax meal and rice, giving SP Complete a diverse palate of protein sources.

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The Benefits of SP CompleteHuman liver.

SP Complete has a variety of body-enrichening benefits including (but not limited to): immune and intestinal health support, betterment of the muscle growth and repairment process, overall better health for the liver, support for the body’s natural toxin-elimination function due to SP Complete’s antioxidant ingredients, and support for a healthy weight when used along with a healthy way of life. Along with being a rich source of protein, it also is a good source for calcium, dietary fiber, and choline.

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SP Complete Dairy FreeRice meal.

In addition to the original SP Complete, Andreano Chiropractic also offers SP Complete Dairy Free. SP Complete Dairy Free maintains mostly the same benefits as SP Complete, but the main difference is that it uses rice protein as its main ingredient instead of whey protein isolate. This allows it to be a product clean of dairy. SP Complete actually offers more protein per serving than its original counterpart with 13 grams of protein vs. the original’s 10 grams but it also has slightly more calories, carbs, and fats. Overall, it is an extremely healthy supplement that is a great alternative to SP Complete.

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