Cold Laser Therapy

 What is Cold Laser Therapy?

During cold laser therapy, photonic stimuli excite the body’s cells and infuse them with energy, which can help to lower inflammation, regenerate cells, and increase blood flow. In other words, cold laser therapy can reduce pain and swelling while promoting healing in the body. 

The Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy & the Ruby Red Cold Laser

Ruby Red laser

The Ruby Red Cold Laser used at Andreano Chiropractic has a spectrum of frequencies it can radiate to help patients. This is important as each tissue and system in our body require unique, individual frequencies to be healthy, but sometimes, the body can falter from that frequency. 

This offers the PLUS and WOW factor of our Ruby Red Cold Laser: that being our laser's ability to focus in on a particular organ, gland, or tissue that is not healthy and adjust it to the proper frequency. Think of the laser as a tuning fork that tunes a guitar! Patients can't even feel the light of Dr. A's Ruby Red Cold Laser, but they will certainly feel its positive effects!

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Check Out Dr. A's Video on Cold Laser Therapy to Learn More About This Treatment!