Neuro Emotional Technique


What is Neuro Emotional Technique

NET is used to determine if emotional stressors are the cause of physical symptoms. It is certainly true that emotional stress, current or past, can negatively impact the mind, but it can also harm the body, if strong enough. Once Dr. Andreano determines if this is a factor in how you are feeling physically, he can help to relieve your symptoms with tools he has in his office, techniques you can do at home, or homeopathic remedies he can offer you. 

The Benefits of Neuro Emotional Technique 


Neuro Emotional Technique is all about the ties and the unification of the mind and body; through achieving calmness and alleviation of stress of the mind, you will gain a better functioning body and subconscious mind. Dr. A will help you overcome emotional stress, which will aid not just your mental health, but your physical health as well. Through Dr. A's use of this technique, you will not just be on the road to wellness, but the road to being content in life and peaceful in the mind. Schedule an appointment today to experience Neuro Emotional Technique yourself!

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