Muscle Testing

What is Muscle Testing? Muscle Testing

There are many different types of muscle testing, and they all bring a particular value with them. Dr. Andreano practices Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, Neuro Emotional Technique, Meridian Response Testing, Nutrition Response Testing, and Allergy Elimination Technique (if you would like to learn more about any of these fascinating forms of treatment, be sure to click them under the service tab). 

Dr. Andreano utilizes his extensive knowledge on all of these techniques to efficiently and quickly diagnose ailments in the body without expensive medical testing or blood work. Once quickly finding the source of the problem through muscle testing, Dr. A will get to work with you on resolving that issue, so you will be not just one step closer on your journey to wellness, but leaps and bounds ahead!

Muscular System

What are the Benefits of Muscle Testing?

The benefits of muscle testing don't come through the testing progress, but what happens after that. Muscle testing in its various forms offers an easy, cost-efficient way to find issues within the body, after doing so Dr. A can immediately begin work on fixing those issues. Solving the issues presented by muscle testing can better allow that muscle to support the spine, which greatly aids in the spinal adjustment process.

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Muscle testing is a cost-efficient, effective form of diagnosis that Dr. A uses regularly on his patients. Quickly discover any issues the body may be hiding and work with Dr. A to resolve them to build a better health and life. Click here to set an appointment with Andreano Chiropractic today and begin the best part of your journey on the road to wellness!

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Muscular System