Food and Environmental Sensitivity Testing

a What is Food & Environmental Sensitivity Testing?

Food Allergies

Dr. Andreano is able to identify specific foods and products that may cause irritation or inflammation to your system. These may be unknowingly unhealthy for you, or cause dis-ease. He can perform food and environmental sensitivity testing using various techniques he utilizes at his office. By doing this, Dr. A can learn what works for the body and what doesn't. He may discover allergies patients didn't even know they had, which could be the root of their problems. By rapidly testing small, jarred samples of various allergens on the body, we can quickly uncover if they cause you any ailments through muscle testing. 

What are the Benefits of Food & Environmental Sensitivity Testing?

If there is a food sensitive cause of the unwellness of the body (or mind), Dr. A will find it through food & environmental sensitivity testing and work with the patient on overcoming any problems caused by the food sensitivity through utilizing supplements and a change of diet. The end result he is aiming for is homeostasis for your body, i.e. a body that is in balance and feeling great.

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