Dr. A's Tips for Reducing Your Allergies


Reduce or Eliminate Inflammatory Foods from Your Diet such as Dairy, Processed Wheat and Corn Syrup. Dairy is known to be mucus producing and processed wheat and corn syrup can be toxic to the gut. In my opinion, this is the most important tip of all and will give you the most noticeable results. This is also a great time to do a detox cleanse, since it is naturally an anti-inflammatory diet.

Allergy Drawing

Increase Anti-Oxidant Rich Foods such as Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nuts, Fish, Fruits and Veggies. These foods help to boost the body’s immune system, thereby reducing your allergy symptoms. Remember, allergies are simply an improper immune response.

Invest in an Air Purification System that has UV and Negative Ion Filters and Use a Dehumidifier to Prevent Mold. These units help to eliminate allergy causing pollen and mites, and may even help you to sleep better, giving you an additional immune system boost.

Use a High-Quality Allergy Free Cover for Your Mattress. In addition, shower and wash your clothes when you enter the house and before you sit on your sofa or go to bed. This keeps the outside allergens from spreading throughout the house, and on to your furniture, bedding and pillows.

Have Dr. A Test You for Allergies and Potential Causes. He can help you determine what to eliminate, whether it be foods or specific outdoor allergens, and if a specific supplement can help you.

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